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Graduate Certificate

EPIE Graduate Certificate

The EPIE certificate program is intended to be a year-long program consisting of four courses. Two new courses will be developed and offered at Cullen College of Engineering. Two existing courses that are regularly offered at Bauer College of Business will be incorporated into the certificate program.

EPIE Courses

Two New Courses at the Cullen College of Engineering

  1. Introduction to Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship  (ENGI 6397) 
  2. Advanced Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ENGI 6397)

Two Existing Courses at the Bauer College of Business

  1. Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship (ENTR 7390) 
  2. Red Labs Pre-Accelerator (ENTR 7393)

Instructor Qualifications

The instructors for this program includes those that are either UH Cullen College of Engineering tenured/tenure track faculty or industry experts with a doctorate degree and/or innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship experience.

Who Should Enroll

The EPIE Graduate Certificate program is designed for

  • Graduate students (MS & PhD) in various engineering programs at UH
  • Individuals wishing to enroll in this certificate program without being formally admitted to a degree program at UH

How to Apply

If the student is a current student, the student can request to add the certificate via petition. This would be the easiest way for a current student. If the student is a PhD student, we ask them to add the certificate during the last semester to avoid extra tuition charges.