December 4, 2023Mechanical Engineering Technology professor Weihang Zhu has now started the second phase of a collaborative offshore safety-focused effort with the American Bureau of Shipping, funded by the Gulf Research Program (GRP) and… ME Technology's Zhu starting 2nd phase of safety culture research
November 27, 2023Farmyard and backyard chickens the world over have long been the happy recipients of family table scraps as a part of their regular diets, allowing households to not only reduce their food waste but to decrease the demand for new… Technology Division Researchers Developing Healthy Organic Chicken Feed Using Mushroom Stems
November 21, 2023As the world strives to cut greenhouse gas emissions and find sustainable transportation solutions, University of Houston energy researchers suggest that hydrogen fuel can potentially be a cost-competitive and environmentally… UH Researchers Suggest Hydrogen Fuel Can be a Competitive Alternative to Gasoline and Diesel Today
November 20, 2023A University of Houston engineering research team is pioneering a new method, based on percussion, to detect pipeline elbow erosion.   It is no small problem.   Below the surface of the earth, a veritable superhighway of piping… Cullen Researchers Develop New Percussion Method to Detect Pipeline Elbow Erosion
November 17, 2023Abdul Latif Khan, an assistant professor in the Cullen College of Engineering's Technology Division's Department of Engineering Technology, has received a research grant from the USDA to purchase instruments that will allow for… Khan using new instruments for real-time photosynthesis monitoring
November 15, 2023For the second straight year, the same dynamic quartet of University of Houston scientists has been honored as world-class, highly cited researchers, acknowledging the remarkable and widespread impact of their scientific… Repeat! Four University of Houston Researchers Named Most Cited in the World
November 10, 2023In an attempt to better regulate temperature in a variety of synthetic structures and gain a deeper understanding of biological systems, a newly published paper by researchers from the Cullen College of Engineering’s Civil and… Paper by CEE’s Nakshatrala, Adhikari provides insight into temperature regulation in vascular systems
October 25, 2023Scientists may be on the verge of taking a big step closer to the net-zero carbon emissions goal, thanks to University of Houston research into algae. Hidden potential is being revealed in the major algae studies at the microbial… Technology Division Researchers Uncover Algae’s Potential to Ease Climate Change Worries
October 24, 2023With an increasing number of severe accidents in the global oil and gas industry caused by damaged pipelines, University of Houston researchers are developing an autonomous robot to identify potential pipeline leaks and… Autonomous Robot for Subsea Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Being Developed At Cullen
October 12, 2023University of Houston Transitioning Energy Innovations Into the Real World The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced a $10 million investment in three projects to develop novel technologies to manufacture high-performance… Selva's Research Group Wins $2 Million in DOE Funding For High Performance Superconducting Tape Project
October 9, 2023Imagine owning a wearable sensor that can monitor your health at every moment in real-time and potentially detect certain cancers in your body before they start affecting you. Through a HEALTH-RCMI Pilot Program Award, University… BME's Li Explores Wearable Sensors to Detect Colorectal Cancer
October 5, 2023A video spotlighting the research of Tian “Tim” Chen – the Kamel Salama Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Cullen College of Engineering – has accumulated nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube in less than a week… Video featuring research of ME's Chen surpasses 1M views
October 4, 2023Yisha Xiang, associate professor in the Industrial Engineering Department of the Cullen College of Engineering, has received a grant from the University of Houston's Advanced Manufacturing Institute to apply machine learning… IE's Xiang earns AMI grant for superconductor research
October 4, 2023A pair of professors from the Industrial Engineering Department at the Cullen College of Engineering have received a grant from the University of Houston's Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) to use machine learning techniques… Lin, Feng earn AMI grant for superconductor manufacturing refinement
October 2, 2023Stop us if you've heard this one before: a petroleum engineer and an environmental engineer fly to Argentina to participate in the interscholastic Argentina Business Internship Program (ABIP), where they not only spend two months… Pair of Cullen students complete summer internship in Argentina
September 29, 2023The world is full of good ideas, but only some of them become viable and real. “You don’t see the full impact of a good idea until someone figures out a way to convert it to a usable product or service that has value, brings it… Cullen teams place in UH Energy's Innovation Commercialization Competition
September 25, 2023The University of Houston has been awarded a $63.5 million contract by the U.S. Department of Defense to help the Army make effective and timely decisions with a strong analytical foundation to gain dominance over adversaries… Glennie leading effort for $63.5M DoD Contract to Revolutionize Army Decision-Making
September 19, 2023Gino J. Lim, professor and R. Larry and Gerlene (Gerri) R. Snider Endowed Chairman of the Industrial Engineering Department at the Cullen College of Engineering, has added another international award to his already impressive… IE's Lim wins Distinguished Educator Award from IEOM
September 14, 2023The University of Houston ranks 60th on the National Academy of Inventors’ (NAI) list of the Top 100 Universities in the U.S. Granted Utility Patents. This new list was created to celebrate American innovation and to highlight… UH Ranked in Top 100 U.S. Universities for Patents by National Academy of Inventors
September 14, 2023Welch Foundation Grant Propels New Plastics Project In today’s fast-paced world, convenience often comes packaged in plastic, from shopping bags to food containers, not to mention the seemingly endless supply of plastic water… UH Research Team Awarded $4M to Convert Plastic Waste into Useful Materials